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D Mills aka Danny Mills is a Los Angeles-based Music Producer, artist, and session player. Mills is also the Great Great Grandson of the late great Bessie Smith. Mills started learning music at the age of 16. At that point he decided music was what he was going to be doing for the rest of his life. It was in high school where he met Dr. Gayle Serdan and learned how to play piano. As a kid he was introduced to all types of music from hip hop and r&b to jazz and rock. "I took piano class because I wanted to be a music producer. I knew that if I learned piano I could compose anything that popped in my head". While learning he was introduced to improvised music like blues and jazz. "The fact that you could improvise and play what you felt in a song really intrigued me". After High School D Mills learned firsthand about playing live. Later on, Mills taught himself how to play bass and guitar to add to his repertoire. Since learning he has played all over the world with major and indie artist. He has also had the opportunity to write and record songs with some of the best in the industry. Mills displays his skill and love for music on his 3 full length albums; 'The Recital','Agape', and his latest album 'Prism'. 

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