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The Recital

A mix of songs is a good thing, but sometimes it’s better to hear a full album to get a better sense of an artist. What a treat to hear Mr. Mills’ Recital this week.

Clearly this young man gets how to construct a well-balanced song. Add to that soul and creative flair, and you get an expression of beauty.

There is something very grounding and reassuring about his sound. Different approaches to the songs -- soul, hip hop, funk, rock, indie, some gospel -- along with guest vocalists add a variation that keep things fresh. I start to see a wheel, with many spokes coming from many directions meeting in the center. The center of these songs hold strongly, grounded in clear chords and chord progressions, well-written lyrics, soft but strong beat, and guitar and vocal flairs to add that je ne sais quoi of character. These songs are whole; nothing is lacking.

“That Ain’t Love” is one of my favorites, as he speaks to the crowd. The refrain of his speech, that “Love is sacrifice,” is striking and clear, calling out to our better selves. When a song reminds you that It is a good thing to try to do good for humanity’s sake, you have achieve success. Roll on, Mr. Mills, roll on.


I don't know how else to put this. I'm not an R&B guy. My sister loves Motown, but I've always gone more for rock and roll. Give me a psychedelic garage rock band any day and I'll be happy.

All that said, I've developed a taste for quality R&B over the years (thanks in large part to my sister). And this D.Mills album is absolutely quality stuff. I've given it a few listens through the week. Last night I fell asleep with my headphones plugged into my old Android device listening to his interstellar sonic jams. He is able to combine everything I love about psychedelic rock with absolutely brilliant R&B songwriting and production. This album is as much jazz and funk as it is R&B. I don't know what to call it, there are so many styles he weaves together. It's just good music.

This album is sonically beautiful & a treat to listen to. It's full of great hooks and melodies and intricate-yet-melodic instrumentals.

Really superb!!

- Rex   

Classic sound 


by Rufus T. Jankins

This record has that old school appeal to it, while having the fresh relevant times feel. Great lyrics and musicianship. A must have for real music lovers.

Pleasingly nostalgic, yet fiercely relevant! 


by CJT213

Shades of classic soul blend smoothly with a current and relevant artistry. Poignant and fiercely relevant, The Recital is a welcome and much-needed musical revelation. D Mills is an artist in the truest sense, and it is reflected in this debut work. He masterfully blends and contrasts an old-school sound reminiscent of songs produced by Motown legend, Berry Gordy, with modern hip-hop/neo-soul/funk/jazz stylings of the present era. The shining quality of this album is evident in the engaging lyrical content, as well as the uplifting beats and grooves that excel in taking the listener to high places. This album is a must-have for those who enjoy REAL music.

GOOD music is back in style 


by proclaim

This album is a must have for anybody who loves GOOD music, that GOOD ol hit you in the feels type of music, that get stuck in your head and to the side of your ribs type of music. DMills has managed to combine new school relevance with an old school feeling and depth. Definitely the kind of album you just let play front to back over and over again. You'll hear something new every listen. I'm thankful for quality music like this in today's musical and social climate.

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The Recital


Track List

01 GOING (feat. Ericka Guitron)

Written by D Mills

02 BE ALRIGHT (feat. Jason Taylor)

Written by Jason Taylor

03 TALK ABOUT (feat. Jessica Childress)

Written by Jessica Childress and D Mills

04 I NEED YOU (feat. Ehmandah Ramsey)

Written by D Mills

05 COULD BE (feat. Baby Jaymes)

Written by Baby Jaymes and D Mills

06 FIND A WAY (feat. Chrisol Lomeli)

Written by Chrisol Lomeli

07 STAY HERE (feat. Milo Bloom)

Written by D Mills


09 MISSING YOU (feat. Kristine Mirelle)

Written by D Mills

10 HEAVY HEART (feat. Felicia Soumah)

Written by Felicia Soumah and D Mills

11 BREAKS FOR YOU (feat. Madison Cunningham)

Written by Madison Cunningham and D Mills

12 THE ONE (J Mills)

Written by D Mills and J Mills

13 UNEXPECTED LOVE (feat. VanJess)

Written by Van Jess

14 SUPPOSED TO BE (feat. Eric Zayne)

Written by Eric Zayne and D Mills

15 THAT AINT LOVE (feat. Brenden McPeek)

Written by Brenden McPeek and D Mills

16 PRINCE JEREMIAH (feat. Luci)

Written by D Mills

All songs produced by D Mills

(Bass,keys,vocoder,guitars,percussion, programming, vocals)

Rudy Villarruel (Alto and Baritone Sax)

Rich Gonzalez (Trumpet and Flugelhorn)

Nathaniel Silberg (Trombone/ Bgv on Going)

Amore (Bgv on Be Alright)

Chrisol Lomeli (Bgv on Could Be)

Ericka Guitron (Bgv on Supposed To Be)

Jessica Childress (Bgv on That Ain't Love)

Steven Wayne (Bgv on Talk About)

Mixed by Danny Mills

Mastered By Jaylon Mills and Danny Mills

All songs recorded Nu Movement studios.

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